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Pennyrounds Celest, Carrara & Calacatta

Pennyrounds Celeste, Carrara & Calacatta 3/4"

In-Stock / Ready to Ship Mosaic in Celeste, Carrara & Calacatta All Polished. Part of Essentials Collection..

Size:  12" x 12"

Thickness:  3/8"

Pennyrounds Calacatta honed.png
Pennyrounds Capri Blue Polished.png
Pennyrounds Asian Carrara Honed.png
Pennyrounds Dolomiti Honed.png
Pennyrounds Nestos Honed.png
Pennyrounds Moonar Honed.png
Pennyrounds Blue Velvet Polished.png
Pennyrounds Celest, Carrara & Calacatta.png
Pennyrounds Carrara & Bardiglio.jpg
Pennyrounds Carrara Polished.png
Pennyrounds Nero Polished.jpg
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